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Learn How to Become a Web Developer with 11 Courses for Just $40

Web developers enjoy one of the best jobs in America, given the hourly rates, job security, and consistently engaging work of their fields. People who can build and design websites are in near-constant demand and make great money whether they’re self-employed or working for an organization. Whether you’re looking to save money by building your own business website or you’d like to start a career as a web developer,Florintech Computer College ‘s Web Developer & Design Bootcamp Bundle can help.

This 11-course, 69-hour bundle provides a comprehensive education on all things web development and design. You’ll take a deep dive into Java and JavaScript, the two most important coding languages of the Internet, by building real projects from scratch. After you have an understanding of building your framework, you’ll learn how to style and design sites using HTML and CSS. There’s also a course fully dedicated to using APIs and RESTful APIs without writing code, allowing you to use third-party functionality on your website without building tools on your own.

As you progress, you’ll get hands-on instruction working with a variety of tools and languages. You’ll get familiar with design tools Flexbox, Grid, and SASS, and even take a look at Git, understanding the workflows that professional web developers use. By the end of the courses, you’ll have built more than a dozen webpages from scratch, each utilizing specific skills and styles that will help you in your career as a web developer.

Start building websites and see where your new skills will take you. The 2024 Ultimate Web Developer & Design Bootcamp Bundle is here sign up https://www.florintechcomputercollege.com/register/

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